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We can provide air clearance testing to document the air quality regarding molds.  We can also provide visual inspection of a suspect area and provide information regarding possible mold growth and water intrusion.

when you want peace of mind or wish to limit possible liability

This is usually prompted by someone experiencing mold like odors but the source has not bee found or when someone is suffering and mold is suspect as the cause.  We will usually perform a general air sample to determine the levels of mold and the type present in the air. That can help us determine where we should look for the offensive  contaminant.


The type and amount of documentation and sampling depend upon the existing conditions found. We attempt to offer a clear picture of the conditions without over charging for services which may offer little additional information.
The type of sampling performed is always a unique mix of conditions present, what final plan for correction is sought and affordability.

about sampling

The question usually arises. "where should you sample and how many samples should i take if any?" The answer is, It depends.

We usually consider this condition to be presumptive for the likelihood of mold to be present or to soon form. We will usually stop our investigation there until the source of leaking is corrected.  That does not mean that mold is actually present at that time. only that the conditions are right for molds to grow. In some special circumstances we may perform limited testing to determine the species of mold suspected.
More than likely we will recommend a sample of the suspect growth to determine that it is fungal and what species exist. The information is usually part of the plan for correcting and cleaning a contaminated area or material.


when suspect growth is present

when mold is suspected but not visually found

The subject of indoor mold contamination is a complex one. Different people are sensitive to different types of mold at various levels. What seems to be allowable to one person may cause suffering to another.
We attempt to offer common sense solutions to mold issues. We have no vested interest whether a home contains mold or not. We do not remediate or offer repairs or cleaning service for the condition we find. Our goal is only to offer unbiased information about the conditions which we find.

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